Foodie Favourite, Sarah Graham, Launches Nourish Power Balls

Foodie Favourite, Sarah Graham, launches Nourish Power Balls

Sarah Graham—known for her four cook books and her popular TV show, Food Safari—has launched her very own product range… starting with Nourish Power Balls. Sarah’s favourite, simple, healthy snacks are now available in-store and not just on-TV.

Nourish Power Balls are the epitome of full-of-goodness food that people can trust. You don’t need to check the ingredient list… Sarah’s already done it for you, and she promises that there are only natural, nourishing ingredients in each product. Nourish Power Balls come in two flavours: Coconut Bliss and Cacao and Cranberry, and they are 100% gluten free, dairy free, and refined sugar free.

When asked where the inspiration came from, Sarah says, “Completely out of the blue—one of those middle-of-the-night ideas that kept me awake for hours last August.” She’s passionate about healthy eating, and so creating convenient, good-for-you food made sense as her next step. “The whole idea was further compounded when my family drove to Namibia and there were endless stops offering all kinds of processed snacks but almost no good-food options. It made me sad, frustrated, and more determined than ever to get my products out there,” adds Sarah.

Nourish balls are for busy, health-conscious people who need a little pick-me-up as they go about their day. They’re also ideal for work/school lunch boxes, and busy Mums who lose track of time and forget to eat! They are available at the Craighall Spar, Jackson’s Real Food Market and many other stores in Johannesburg; Wellness Warehouse and select pharmacies in Cape Town. Click here for full distribution list.

From concept to recipe development, to sourcing a production partner, to recipe tweaking (because industrial scale production is so different to making products at home), to nutritional analysis, to wording analysis (making sure that there are no false claims on your packaging), to Halaal and Kosher certification, to packaging design and development, to finding a great distributor, to developing a marketing plan and, finally, to the big LAUNCH – it certainly wasn’t an easy ride. “Our producer, packaging partner, and distributor have all been amazing,” says Sarah.

Sarah is already planning her next four products and she hopes to create a brand that people love and trust, and that shares delicious, nourishing snacks and convenience food. She’s also planning to shoot another TV series around her new book ‘WHOLESOME’ later this year, so watch this space.

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