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With mobile accessibility being the focal point of most next-gen businesses, is it any surprise that there’s an app to order home maintenance services in real-time? getTOD, a South African-developed app that allows you to order reliable services from nearby suppliers, will certainly be the go-to for every homeowner seeking to simplify their property maintenance needs.

“Much like Uber changed the taxi industry, we want to disrupt an industry that is fraught with irregular pricing, poor service and inconsistent quality,” says getTOD co-founder Shannon Mackrill, “ getTOD is not a directory or future-booking tool, it’s a 24-hour on-demand service.”

Mackrill continues to explain that the main goal with getTOD is to eliminate the daunting search for a trusted and a locally available supplier. Having spent nearly two years to build their collaborative network, getTOD has gained quick popularity with quite a few industry traders.

“We are excited to be an exclusive partner in walking this journey with the getTOD team,” says Andre Steyn, Director at Massbuild.

What makes getTOD great?

1. getTOD is free to download and extremely easy to use with a very simplified layout.
2. The app uses location based tracking to find nearby suppliers.
3. All the suppliers are pre-screened and carefully monitored via a client rating system.
4. All jobs are insured and pricing is standardised in each service category so you’re aware of the cost upfront. (Dependant on the supplier.)
5. Once you log a request, all invoices will be sent directly to your email.
6. There’s an option to add arrival instructions, which is ideal for those with more complex physical addresses.
7. You can pre-load your credit card for quick, cash-free payments.
8. The app is updated regularly, with version 1.17.7 being uploaded in July 2016.

What makes getTOD not so great?

1. As it is still a new app, there is still a lack of suppliers, limiting your choices.
2. Though the getTOD team screens all suppliers before they display on the app, there is no option to view recent reviews on each supplier – meaning you will still need to do some Googling to ensure you opt for a trusted tradesperson.

getTOD may still be a fresh face in the app world, but like Uber it has the potential to become the number one answer for homeowners that need quick, easy and trusted maintenance from the nearest supplier.

Download the getTOD app

For Apple goo.gl/dKBvDH
For Android goo.gl/VeHRss

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