JEFF | South Africa’s Innovative New E-fitness Solution

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Meet JEFF: The Fitness Friend We All Deserve

In a world saturated by health gimmicks, miracle eating plans, and fitness fads, there is finally something on the market that takes its clients’ goals as seriously as they do – and it goes by the name of JEFF.

Introducing JEFF

Johno’s e-Fitness Faculty – or JEFF – is a revolutionary new fitness service that balances the ease and accessibility of a mobile fitness program with the comfortingly human input of a personal trainer and a simple, balanced eating plan. The brainchild of top sports conditioning coach, Johno Meintjes, JEFF is an innovative digital fitness, nutrition, and coaching concept that can serve anyone, anywhere, at any time.

How does it work?

The JEFF model is designed to help refine one’s health and fitness strategies by providing a structured training routine and personalised nutritional programme that is overseen by a remote team of real-life, approachable, and fully qualified personal coaches. It puts you in charge but makes you 100% accountable to making real, sustainable, life-long habit changes.

“The reality is that if you could have done this by yourself, you would have done it already. The mentoring and coaching side of JEFF is the part that brings it all together,” says Johno.

Tried, tested, and trusted

Before creating the program, JEFF’s founder Johno spent six years working with South Africa’s top national Cricket, Hockey, and Rugby teams. Since launching, JEFF has been used by the likes of Maps Maponyane, Lady Kitty Spencer, Graeme Smith, Jacques Kallis, and Mark Boucher (to name but a few) to become slimmer, fitter, happier versions of themselves.

What does it consist of?

Whether signing up for the 7-week gym-based program14-week gym-based program, or 7-week home-based program, clients receive the following support to ensure that they smash their fitness objectives:

●      Tailored eating plan

●      Bespoke weekly training program

●      5-6 hours/week of self-paced training

●      Personal coach

●      Virtual coach support on a daily basis

●      Assessments every 3 weeks

●      Supportive community vibe

It is clear that the combination of clean eating, daily support from a skilled coach and the flexibility of independent exercise is a winning formula for overall well being.

Dependable results

On average clients lose 5-7 kgs, 1-2 clothing sizes and 8cm off the waist on the 7-week plan and 10kgs, 1-3 clothing sizes, and 13cm off the waist on the longer 14-week plan. With clients logging dependable results such as these in short periods of time, it is small wonder that JEFF has welcomed hundreds of clients on 6 different continents over the last year.

“I can honestly say that this is the best my body has ever looked. I am so glad I joined – best decision of my life,” says Lynette Botha, one of JEFF’s success stories.

Helping ordinary people become their best selves

From professional athletes to people who simply feel as though their health and fitness goals have slipped by the wayside, with JEFF’s affordable professional help, there has never been an easier way to regain mastery of your own health.

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