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“I am because you are.” The story behind Ubuntu Baba

Meet Shannon McLaughlin, founder of Ubuntu Baba, the company that has recently been in the news for its successful ‘David-vs-Goliath’ battle with Woolworths. Her quest to design the perfect baby carrier for her son has translated into a business that ships to every corner of South Africa and around the world. Shannon Mclaughlin had a […]

The Talent Boom: Connecting South African creatives since 2013

Home to some of the world’s leading advertising and digital agencies, South Africa is renowned for its creativity and, like bees to a honeypot, its creative talent has attracted keen headhunters. With influences from its diversity of cultures, creeds, humour and heritage, South Africa’s creative talents are widely sought after by global companies. It’s no […]

Overcoming South Africa’s Maths Challenge

In 2018, less than half of South African learners chose to study pure maths for matric, and of those, only 37% passed with 40% or more. Despite much emphasis being placed on mathematics over the last few years, the recent matric results show that the majority of South Africa’s learners have significant gaps in understanding, […]

Print your memories straight from your phone

With the arrival of BOFT Instant Photo Printing Kiosks in South Africa, mobile-phone photographers can enjoy beautiful Polaroid-type prints of any of the photos stored on their phones, or direct from their Instagram feeds. Boft is leading the global movement to keep memories alive through the provision of photo printing kiosks that give customers a convenient […]

Your Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping Game Plan

Research shows that the Black Friday phenomenon has grown faster in South Africa than any other country in the world. Last year, PriceCheck saw three times the number of dailyvisits to its online shopping comparison websiteon Black Friday, and twice the number on Cyber Monday, compared to its 2017 average. In addition, these visits were on […]


Sophisticated bottled water harvested from the Stellenbosch air has been launched in the Cape Town market. There are many bottled waters on the market; but water harvested from the air, is unique. Infinity Air Water is a new bottled water company whose source is the humidity in the air. This special condition makes the water […]

Such good taste!    

Imagine a Mediterranean or Middle Eastern food market… the bright colours, the beautifully displayed wares, the friendly greetings, the sound of a scoop plunging into a pile of nuts, the tempting scent of freshly baked treats and newly ground coffee … If only we had something similar in South Africa. Welcome to the bustling treasure […]

How is PR measured?

Can you measure if your PR is working? Can you work out your ROI? Both common questions, especially when you are investing time and money in a communication plan. The answer is yes, it is. You can see if your campaign was successful, effective and where you can improve. The process of measuring the effects […]

What is PR?

‘Doves are just clean pigeons, butterflies are pretty moths and squirrels are just rats with really really good PR.’ But on a serious note… it is scary how many people, CEOs, Marketing Gurus, Clients etc. don’t truly know what PR is, how it works and how it can be measured. We’ve tried to demystify it […]