45 years since she founded The Answer Series, Anne Eadie is still fully committed to supporting learners to succeed academically and to feel confident about their futures. As we celebrate women’s month – there is no better time to pay tribute to this visionary educator or pay heed to what she has to say.

Eadie believes that despite all the challenges teachers and learners have faced in 2020, there are certain tips and techniques that will weather any storm when it comes to exam preparation. Here are her top 10:

Start today

Whether you’re in grade 11, or facing the last stretch before your matric exams, now is the time to begin. Taking a proactive approach is key – so don’t focus on what you haven’t done in the past. Put that behind you and let’s get going!

Find what works for you

Routine is important, but there isn’t a one size fits all approach. Figure out whether you’re more productive in the mornings or afternoons; then try to allocate the tasks which need the most brain power to those slots. Also decide what the best way to boost your energy levels is – maybe it’s a healthy snack, a jog around the block, or even a 20-minute power nap.

Plan ahead

Take the time to write down what you need to cover for each subject and map it out in a timetable. Motivation shouldn’t be a problem once you’ve done this, because you will see that every slot is important!  

Don’t study all day

Make sure your schedule has time allocated to exercise, chat to friends and even watch an episode of your favourite series. Getting the balance right and enjoying your time off will help you be productive when you do sit down to study – with no distractions.


Tell your family about your timetable. Paste it on your door or send a photo of it to your family WhatsApp group, so that no one disturbs you. Your parents won’t nag you once they see you taking responsibility and doing your best. 

Take notes

Don’t just read through your work! Study a section and then write down everything you can remember. Knowing that you’re going to do this makes you study in a logical, alert way. You are then only left to learn a few things which you left out.

Do one thing at a time

Doing past papers is excellent preparation for any exam; however, working on one topic at a time is the most effective strategy, particularly as you build-up your confidence. TAS provides thorough topic treatment for all subjects.

Practice makes perfect

Try each problem on your own first, no matter how inadequately, before consulting the solutions provided in TAS study guides. The best way to learn is from your own mistakes – you need to be able to pinpoint them first, and then understand what to do next time.

Stay positive

The most important thing of all is to remain positive until the exams are done and dusted. Sometimes this willbe tough, some exams will be tough, but in the end, your result will reflect all the hard work you’ve put in.

Have a game plan

When exam time finally arrives, here is a mini check list to make sure you are set up to do your very best:

–       Double check that you have everything you need before you leave home

–       Don’t arrive too early and allow yourself to be upset by panicking friends.

–       Plan your time in the exam well – allowing some time to check at the end.

In closing, Eadie shares one last bit of advice for the actual exams, “Whatever you do, don’t allow yourself to get stuck on any difficult issues in the exam. Move on, and rather come back to the problem questions if you have time left. If you’re finding an exam difficult, just continue to do your absolute best right until the end.”


About Anne Eadie:

Anne has dedicated her entire working life to teaching and learning, and has been a leading contributor to the evolution of mathematics teaching in Grade 8 to 12 in South Africa. She has also written every Matric maths exam since 1975!

This coincides with the year Anne founded The Answer Series and she has been the visionary behind it ever since. The Answer Series is now South Africa’s best-selling study guide series.  

Despite the challenges facing the food and beverage industry as a result of COVID-19, The Poké Co founder, Andrew Flanagan has just opened his fourth store.

Poké Co Claremont opened at 12 Dreyer Street on the 14th August 2020. To celebrate its launch, Poké Co gave away 100 free poke bowls in just one hour – the response was incredible and the queue extended the length of the street!

His idea to open a specialised poké bar in Cape Town was first sparked while travelling in 2015. “I discovered that poké has all the flavours we love in sushi, rediscovered in a unique, spontaneous and convenient way. I realised that it was missing from the seafood scene in Cape Town and felt it was an opportunity that I couldn’t miss out on!”

Fast forward to March 2017, and Flanagan opened a delivery only kitchen in a tiny corner of his girlfriend’s jewellery studio. Based on the success of this, he took the plunge and opened his first customer facing store in January 2018 on Loop Street.

The Poké Co offers customers a fast-casual dining experience, specialising in healthy and delicious poké and smoothie bowls, within an environment that enables customers to leave feeling inspired and rejuvenated. The brand is based on a simple vision to do good: to your taste buds; your body; the community, and the environment.

Flanagan now employs a staff complement of 25 people and says, “I couldn’t be prouder of what we as a team have achieved in 3 short years. This has largely been due to the amazing support of our loving customers and loyal staff members, many who have been with me from the start. We are constantly evolving as we grow and are in a unique position to use modern technology to aid our growth.”

Commenting on the current environment, Flanagan says, “It has affected turnover across all businesses, and we are no exception; however, we have small locations with lower overheads than most restaurants, and luckily had an existing take away business prior to the pandemic. We also are fortunate to not rely on alcohol sales to support us and our core target market is predominately made up of local repeat customers.”

Flanagan also comments on the willingness to help and sense of community that has risen from COVID-19. “Speaking to other small business owners during this time has been extremely helpful, whether it is to do with UIF applications, tax relief, landlord negotiations or alternative revenue streams. Everyone has been very forth coming and it seems people are not holding their cards as close to their chests.”

The Poké Co also came up with a few innovative ways to pivot during lockdown, including vouchers which can be redeemed at a later stage and DIY poke kits in collaboration with Cape Fish Retail Store. They have recently launched a delivery and loyalty app too, which allows customers to order ahead for either delivery or pick-up and earn loyalty points at the same time. It’s available on both Android and Apple.

Poké Co signed the lease for the new store in Claremont just before COVID became a reality in South Africa and have decided to continue as planned. Flanagan is quietly optimistic about the new store, as it will serve a take-away and delivery market: “it’s well positioned to service the corporate lunch trade in the area. It’s the perfect, quick grab and go meal that lends itself well to customers current behaviours, in the light of the social distancing measures and precautions in place.”


About Poké Co

The Poké Co’s mission is to create simple food with ethically sourced ingredients to give customers a delicious meal, along with a great atmosphere and customer experience. They serve poké bowls, smoothie bowls, healthy breakfast bowls, homemade cold-pressed juices, hot beverages and even poke-burritos (burrito, but think sushi). Their store locations include: Loop Street, Kloof Street, Sea Point and now Claremont.

Instagram: pokeco_ct

Facebook: pokcoct

Website: www.pokecoct.com

About Andrew Flanagan

Andrew was born and raised in Cape Town. At 23 he decided to go overseas to work on yachts and had a successful sailing career for 7 years. He has a passion for the sea, and all the adventures that it brings.

TAPTAP Digital, global leaders in location intelligence marketing, gains traction in the SA and African markets

Founded in 2010, TAPTAP is a global Demand Side Platform (DSP) /Data Management Platform (DMP) underpinned by location intelligence technology with access to premium, brand-safe global and local inventory. It trades in over 85 countries, with 300 brands in every major agency group. TAPTAP provides global tech with local expertise to efficiently connect brands to their audiences.

Africa Media Alliance launched TAPTAP in South Africa in 2019, as their Sub-Saharan Africa venture partner, offering access to audiences in 36 countries across the African continent.

“Using TAPTAP’s proprietary technology stack, we can leverage location & artificial intelligence to empower advanced audience segmentation and profiling, dynamic advertising activation and offline/online ad and footfall attribution. Our fully managed or programmatic self-service offering guarantees location by drawing on up to 10 signal sources to qualify location,” explains AMA Commercial Director, Andrew Gillett.

With consumer habits and digital behaviours having fundamentally changed due to COVID19, TAPTAP’s use of multidimensional fresh data to build custom audience segments via its Sonata platform helps brands better communicate with the new consumer. Sonata audience profiling combines real-time location, digital and physical behaviour, campaign affinity and intent signals to build a unique identifier called the Sonata ID. As TAPTAP prioritizes user privacy and adheres to the strictest interpretation of GDPR regulations, all data in the platform is consensual and anonymous

Our audiences are mapped against a DMP with first and third-party data as well as IAB audience buckets. It is also enriched by several data partners in the Sonata platform. This allows TAPTAP to offer granular audience targeting, with behavioural, intent and affinity signals across global and local premium inventory.

“This means we can activate contextually relevant audiences through omnichannel buying across the digital ecosystem as well as OOH and programmatic DOOH coming in Q3,” continues Gillett.

Over 50 brands in South Africa are already using TAPTAP, connecting to the full premium inventory ecosystem using a unique variety of the custom Tap2 creative ad units such as Tap2Map, Tap2Web, Tap2Form, Tap2Calendar. There are more than 23 ad units available covering display, video, audio and native ads for desktop and mobile. In addition, the Sonata platform features dynamic creative optimisation.

“Our technology ecosystem helps global brands reach the right audiences in the right time and place for measurable and objective results. We are thrilled to see significant market adoption less than a year into our partnership with AMA and look forward to the future,” says Alvaro Mayol, CPO/CTO & Partner of TAPTAP Digital.


About TAPTAP and Africa Media Alliance

TAPTAP Digital is a global advertising technology company with presence in Europe, Africa, North America and South America. Through its proprietary platform, Sonata, TAPTAP leverages geospatial technology and artificial intelligence for multidimensional audience planning, omnichannel media activation and advanced online and offline measurement.  TAPTAP drives transparent, objective and tangible results for global brands and agencies in more than 85 countries.

Africa Media Alliance (AMA) connects global media brands to the potential of Africa.  With more than 20 years of multi-channel marketing experience and local expertise, Africa Media Alliance brings world-class location intelligence technology as TAPTAP’s Sub-Saharan Africa commercial partner.

Do your bit this Mandela Day, and join thousands of South Africans on a 67 minute morning run to help feed those less fortunate.

On Family Day, 13th April 2020, an audience of approximately 17,000 people took part in South Africa’s biggest online workout. Now the popular Facebook community behind the live event is planning to go one better.

With restrictions on people gathering in groups, and all large physical events cancelled for the foreseeable future, JEFF Fitness has again heeded the call for a virtual event that can bring people together to challenge themselves, while also making a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable in our country. 

18 July 2020 is Mandela Day. A day on which every South African is asked to give 67 minutes to celebrate Nelson Mandela’s life and legacy by taking action against poverty. And so the JEFF Breakfast Run was born. It takes place in the gardens, roads, parks and mountains wherever you are, from 8am.

Founder, Johno Meintjes explains:

“JEFF has grown an online community on the basis of phenomenal results achieved through connection, in spite of not being able to physically train together. The JEFF Breakfast Run takes the same concept outside. This is 67 minutes for your own wellness, knowing that thousands of others are right there with you. But more importantly, it’s 67 minutes to actively support the people of our country, knowing that millions of others are doing the same in the name of Nelson Mandela’s legacy.”

Indeed, JEFF Together began in the first week of lockdown, and today has more than 43,000 Facebook members. They now offer more than 25 free live workouts per week, and offer a number of additional benefits in the form of a Membership for only R200 per month.

Registration for the JEFF Breakfast Run is free, but everyone in a position to do so is asked to make a donation of R50. This goes straight to JAM SA, and will feed a child breakfast for a month. JAM SA has expanded its program to reach 3000 early childhood development centres across the country. They cannot continue to fund their incredible work without financial assistance, so those that are willing and able to are more than welcome to donate more.

Thereafter, you just need to be laced up and ready to run by 8am on the 18th July. Johno Meintjes will be broadcasting live before, during and after the run, thereafter a live breakfast cook-along with the legendary, Ivor Jones, Co-owner and chef at Chefs Warehouse Beau Constantia. This full morning of activity ends with R50,000 worth of prizes from Adidas and Garmin to be given away in some very creative categories.

Big corporates and small businesses alike are encouraged to challenge each other, to sign up their employees, and to be a part of this truly first of its kind event.   

Website address to register for the Run: https://www.jeff.fitness/fitness-programs/run/

JEFF together Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/jefftogether/


More about JEFF:

JEFF Fitness offers Live Daily Workouts to over 43 000 people on their Facebook Group called JEFF Together. They also provide personalised one-on-one coaching to clients which includes tailored nutrition plans, daily coach support, an expert-designed exercise program and monthly health and progress assessments. Visit https://www.jeff.fitness

Despite disruptions and reduced teaching time due to COVID-19, the grade 12 curriculum remains the same. So, what does this mean for schools and learners?

“Schools need to adapt to a dual delivery of in person and digital teaching, and learners need to take charge of their own learning process. Our goal is to help them do just that, with the launch of The Answer Series (TAS) free videos.

We have focused on term two content for matric students as so much is at stake for them – not just their final year of school; but also consequent opportunities for further studies or jobs next year.” says TAS CEO George Eadie.

The video courses are created by subject specialists – teachers and authors with years of experience – some of whom wrote TAS study guides. They cover 5 CAPS subjects: Physical Sciences/ Fisiese Wetenskappe (in Afrikaans and English), Mathematics, Mathematical Literacy, Life Sciences and Economics (in English only). 

Eadie explains, “By systematically making their way through the videos, a learner can begin to realise that they are capable of making big gains on their own. This realisation can have a life-changing impact extending far beyond the work and into all aspects of their life.”

The free video courses are available on the TAS website and work well in conjunction with the TAS study guides, as references are made to worked examples and practice exercises. “Think of them as the basecamp for important work in the curriculum – each one is a 10-minute, high impact way to master your work,” adds Eadie.

This new product from TAS will also provide support to teachers, who are under severe pressure to catch up on time missed. The videos offer a quick and effective way to fill gaps for some of the traditionally toughest subjects.

“More and more, teaching is improved when learners move through the foundations of a topic on their own and at their pace; and then come to class for the in-person troubleshooting. It’s called flip the classroom and we hope to see teachers and learners adopting this approach with the videos,” comments Eadie.

As part of their ethos to continue to improve their products and support for learners, the team at TAS look forward to feedback on the videos, and feel they are a positive step towards a closer relationship with customers to continuously improve.  

In closing, Eadie sums up the initiative by saying, “We believe that these videos can help learners get back on track to pursue their studies and achieve their goals; they can be used to jump-start a new session, as a daily 10-minute focused consolidation of a completed section or as a pre-study flashback/ overview”.

For more information, please watch the TAS teaser video for this new product, visit the website, head to the blog, follow them on Facebook, call (021)671-0837 or email info@theanswerseries.co.za.

About The Answer Series:

In 1975, Anne Eadie, a brilliant young maths teacher, poured all of her knowledge into the very first Answer Series study guide. 

Since then, The Answer Series has continued to create up-to-date, comprehensive study guides and now covers all major subjects from Grade 8 to 12. They are written and frequently updated by teachers, examiners and subject specialists. Each of The Answer Series study guides includes stimulating exercises and easy-to-understand explanatory notes and can be used either independently by learners, or by teachers in the classroom.

The Answer Series is still a family owned company and each book shows the same love and dedication, but more importantly, logic and reasoning, as the first.

If there’s a silver lining to lockdown, it’s this: finally, people are starting to take the effects of senior loneliness seriously.

A lot of focus is being given – and rightly so – to protecting the elderly from COVID-19. But with isolation comes the risk of loneliness. The good news is that people all around the world are getting creative in how they combat senior isolation…

Introducing “Rent a Grandparent”

Home care agency, CareChamp, is a big advocate for the importance of socialising for seniors. With the call for social distancing, they decided to start a movement: “Rent a Grandparent” is an initiative to foster friendships across generations and help the elderly feel a little less lonely.

Who can be a part of it?

Everyone – in one way or another – is feeling the absence of loved ones right now. Which is why CareChamp’s initiative goes both ways and is open to grandparents and friends of all ages.

Anyone with access to a phone or computer, (and, ideally, an internet connection) can sign up to be a friend or grandparent. All they need to do is answer a few questions and CareChamp will be in touch once they’ve made a match (and completed all the necessary safety checks). Participants under the age of 18 will need a parent’s/guardian’s permission. Since the initiative is digital, it’s open to participants from anywhere in the world!

How does it work?

CareChamp will make matches based on shared interests. That way, grandparents and their new friends will have lots to talk about. CareChamp will set up an initial video call for the pairing to meet. If they hit it off, then it’s up to the two of them to grow the friendship.

There’s something so special about seeing a friendly face. Which is why CareChamp suggests a video call. That said, there are other ways to strike up a friendship, such as a phone call or writing via email (like a pen pal).

CareChamp’s advice for participants for meaningful interactions:

Be present with your new friend – it’s called quality time for a reason!

As a way to improve social connections, try to find ways to help them feel like they’re valued.

Remember, it’s such a privilege to learn from another generation.

See it as an opportunity to share stories.

The more meaningful the interaction, the more positive and beneficial the health effects.

About CareChamp

CareChamp provides a platform for connecting vulnerable persons with trusted, reliable home caregivers (aka Champs). The coronavirus epidemic is shining a light on loneliness among the elderly population. Now more than ever, we are seeing how social isolation is a public-health concern. That said, it is certainly not a new thing. That is why CareChamp hopes to continue their ”Rent a Grandparent” initiative long after things return to normal.

It’s no secret that our world has literally turned upside down in the last couple of weeks and many businesses are struggling to navigate the current situation.

Communication is more important now… than it has ever been before.

Here are 10 tips to successful crisis communications to help you and your business get through this time:

  1. Acknowledge the situation we find ourselves in. Be accountable, transparent but most importantly be a human.
  2. Show empathy – we’re all in this together.
  3. Communicate more rather than less. This is not the time to go into hiding, it’s vital to keep people in the loop with where you are as a business and what you are doing to make things better for them.
  4. Keep all communication short and simple; stick to the facts.
  5. Address all your stakeholders – employees, suppliers, customers, clients and anyone else who is important to your organisation.
  6. Give them all the information they could possibly want – on all platforms possible.
  7. Focus on the positives but don’t make promises you can’t keep.
  8. Be proactive and plan communications for the worst (just in case.)
  9. Have one spokesperson, if at all possible the very top person at your organisation and make sure he/she is always available.
  10. Get help. You don’t have to be a hero and do it all yourself.

Tinkwe PR has developed 3 specific crisis communications packages to support businesses so please if you need help in this area visit our site or book a free 30minute consultation call here.

We are here to guide you. Let’s get through this together.

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South Africa: Stay fit, healthy, connected and set a new record together

#SABiggestWorkout 13 April 2020 on JEFF Together, powered by Vitality

A fun way for SA to stay fit, healthy, connected, hopeful and smiling – it’s JEFF Together!

Nothing says ‘staying connected’ like getting the entire country to exercise together from the safety and comfort of their homes. 

Join us for an unprecedented (first time-ever) event: South Africa’s Biggest Workout this Family Day – 13 April 2020 on the JEFF Together Facebook Group on Family Day, Monday 13th April 8-9 am.

Training starts now! Enter JEFF Together, powered by Vitality – a free, daily, live workout group, started by Johno’s e-Fitness Faculty. This fitness ‘class’ has grown exponentially in the last 2 weeks as thousands of people are tuning in daily at 8 AM and 3 PM for 30-minute live workouts led by Johno Meintjes and his special family in the mornings.

In this time of isolation there are things we crave even more than normal. Connection, togetherness, routine, health – something to work towards and something fun for the whole family to enjoy!

The JEFF community has laughed, chatted, sweated and moved together with these energetic characters – it’s motivation enough to get involved just to see the familiar antics of a young family locked at home together, making the most of an incredibly unusual situation.

Keen to get involved?

To fellow South Africans: Join the group and sign up for reminder notifications – it’s that simple! https://www.fitnessfaculty.club/jeff/together/.

Then throw on some activewear (or do it in your pjs!), grab the kids, invite your friends (virtually of course) and get involved in an energetic movement that’s keeping South Africa fit, healthy, connected and smiling. 8am and 3pm daily, for 30 minutes.

To the media: Join us in getting your communities involved in maintaining their health during this difficult time and driving for positivity by setting a new record together – South Africa’s biggest workout on Family Day, 13 April.

The #SABiggestWorkout 

JEFF Together powered by Vitality is going to be hosting South Africa’s BIGGEST WORKOUT online on the JEFF Together Facebook Group on Family Day, Monday 13th April 8-9am. We may be separated, but we can all be together for this awesome initiative!

#SABiggestWorkout #VitalityAtHome #JEFFTogether

Meet Shannon McLaughlin, founder of Ubuntu Baba, the company that has recently been in the news for its successful ‘David-vs-Goliath’ battle with Woolworths. Her quest to design the perfect baby carrier for her son has translated into a business that ships to every corner of South Africa and around the world.

Shannon Mclaughlin had a beautiful vision of what her life, as a new mom, would look like. However, after her son was born in 2014 she came face to face with reality – those first 12 weeks were far from her dream of baby bliss. If her little boy was not in her arms constantly, there were tears – and an equal amount of those tears were her own.

“We’d tried all sorts of colic cures and ways to calm him, but still he struggled to settle. Getting him to sleep was incredibly trying and he seldom slept for more than 45 minutes. I was desperate. So was he. Thankfully a friend came over one day and gifted me a stretchy wrap and that’s how I discovered the magic of babywearing.”

In no time her child went from snatches of sleep to 3-hour snoozes and it took at most 10 minutes to “get him down”.  Shannon could now take relaxing afternoon strolls on the beach, meet up with friends, enjoy early dinners out and, most importantly, she could get on with her work while her baby slept, calm and content, on her chest. Both were so much happier.

As her son grew, Shannon began the task of finding the perfect baby carrier – something just as soft and comfy as her wrap, but strong enough to support him. After purchasing six different baby carriers and struggling in one way or another with all of them, she set out to design and make her own with help from her dad (who’d been in the backpack-manufacturing business) and her mom (who’d been a fashion designer).

“My goal was to create an easy-to-use, breathable and comfortable carrier with a supportive waistband that was gentle on C-section healing. I wanted it to be adjustable so it didn’t have to be replaced too often as my baby grew,” she says.

Using the finished article made Shannon aware of the addedbenefitsfor both babies and moms. The interest she received from other mothers made it clear that what had started out as an answer to a personal need could become a fully-fledged business.

Shannon grew up in South Africa where she witnessed African Mothers wrapping their babies on their backs from a very young age and so she wanted an African name for her business. In tribute to these original babywearing Moms, Shannon chose “Ubuntu Baba” as the name of her new company. “The explanation of ‘Ubuntu’ – ‘I am because you are’ – evokes so well the mother-child bond, as well as the transition into motherhood and the support and comfort we receive from other moms,” she says.

Four years ago Shannon started out with just one machinist; today Ubuntu Baba employs six machinists and six in the management team. The carriers are shipped worldwide, from the most rural areas in South Africa to major cities inAustralia, Dubai, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Amsterdam, France, and the United States.

 Join Ubuntu Baba for their inspiring 4th trimesterchats. Every second Friday she invites moms to join them for a relevant talk on motherhood, a muffin, coffee and a massage.

“It’s such a lovely space for new Moms to connect and just feel supported on their journey. It’s something I really missed out on as a new mom so it feels great that I am able to now offer that to other moms.” – McLaughlin

More on Ubuntu Baba

A leading babywearing brand that knowsbecoming a mother is the start of a beautiful yet challenging journey. Ubuntu Baba is there to help you step out into the world again with confidence, freedom and style.