Give a Gift that Lasts a Lifetime

2020 has taken its toll on everyone in some shape or form; and for many of us, it’s been a financial knock too. The silver lining is that it’s taught us to really value human connection, quality time with family and thinking out the box.

With this in mind, The Answer Series (TAS) CEO George Eadie has put together a list of 5 Christmas gifts for kids – things that won’t break the bank and will add value to the whole family.

1.    Time: there is only one thing more precious than time, and that’s who you choose to spend it with. Block book chunks of the school holidays to do something special with your kids – whether it’s taking your kids for a hike; marathon Monopoly games; or making pizza from scratch. The secret is to make quality time a priority, turn your phone off and be completely in the moment.

2.    Tick something off their bucket list: whether it’s horse-riding lessons, learning to play the guitar, or kayaking with dolphins – treat them to an experience they won’t ever forget.

3.    Set them up for success: educational presents such as TAS study guides are a great way to support their studies in 2021 (get 4 for the price of 3 until 21 December); or enrol them in an online course – something engaging and fun which is outside their frame of reference. There are dozens of free courses available, often with very high ratings from users, so shop around before you pick one.

4.    Broaden their horizons: volunteer for a local organisation together; be tourists in your own city; or find a mentor that they will resonate with and be inspired by.

5.    Transform your home or garden: plant a herb garden, redecorate their rooms or sleep under the stars with fairy lights and all the scatter cushions you can find!

At the end of the day, it’s about slowing down, creating memories together and giving your kids the confidence they need to take 2021 by storm. As Breakfast at Tiffany’s author Truman Capote aptly said, “Anyone who ever gave you confidence, you owe them a lot.”


About The Answer Series:

In 1975, Anne Eadie, a brilliant young maths teacher, poured all of her knowledge into the very first Answer Series study guide.

Since then, The Answer Series has continued to create up-to-date, comprehensive study guides and now covers all major subjects from Grade 8 to 12. They are written and frequently updated by teachers, examiners and subject specialists. Each of The Answer Series study guides includes stimulating exercises and easy-to-understand explanatory notes and can be used either independently by learners, or by teachers in the classroom.

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