South Africa’s First Skincare Range for Men

A man’s biggest organ is his skin (yes, really!). It’s also the first line of defence – fighting the elements every day, so it really should be treated with the respect it deserves.

FACE for Him is a new premium skincare range designed for South African men who are looking for a simple yet effective everyday solution. It was created purely from one man’s need for a crafted yet simple skincare regime, who soon realised that many men out there were looking for the same thing.

When Stuart met Camilla…

His skincare routine consisted of a bar of soap and a splash of water. Hers was more advanced, so she got him onto a basic routine and within a few short weeks, his skin was looking and feeling better than it had done in years. It got them thinking: the men’s skincare market is still largely being ignored. Why are so many men still relying on their partners for skincare advice and why are there no locally made products specifically formulated to care for men’s skin? As Stuart’s skincare journey evolved, it led to the obvious decision – to create an accessible, simple skincare offering for men like him. And so, in 2021 FACE for Him was born.

The brand is based on the original principles of speaking the truth, educating and simplifying skincare lingo, while delivering quality ingredients and real results at an affordable price in packaging that looks right at home next to a man’s razor and cologne.

“While it isn’t an around the braai type of conversation, countless men do want to know what they should be using,” says Stuart Berry, Co-Founder of FACE for Him. “Men are less likely to research skincare the way women do and want to be provided with an effective solution which requires minimal effort on their part.”

“The men who do have basic skincare knowledge are those who have consulted with a dermatologist over the course of their lives, usually to treat serious skin conditions such as acne,” adds Camilla Berry, Co-Founder of FACE for Him. “Seeking medical advice for ‘non-medical’ topical skincare seems a rather extreme solution for most men and hence this option is also not one many men explore.”

This leaves a massive void for men in finding a trusted adviser for everyday skincare advice, and that’s exactly whereFACE For Himcomes into play.

A workout for your skin

No matter where you are on the skincare spectrum – from no-clue novice to glowing guru, it’s as simple as a 4-step skin workout…

  1. Warm up the skin with the Face Wash, which contains prebiotics to maintain a healthy skin barrier;
  2. Flex your skin muscles with the Serum, rich in oil-soluble vitamin C (less likely to cause skin irritation) and hyaluronic acid for hydration;
  3. Prepare for battle with the Day Moisturiser with SPF50 to protect from UVA, UVB, blue light and infrared light;
  4. Taper off at night by washing the day away with the Face Wash and applying the Intensive Night Moisturiser, which contains ceramides, squalene and glutathione to keep skin hydrated and healthy.

FACE for Him is available online with direct delivery to your door. This is a huge convenience at any time but especially now with the festive season about to kick off – gifts for dads and husbands can be sorted at the click of a button or two! The products also all have a QR code on the back of the pack which, once scanned, takes the customer directly to the online store to re-order more product. They can also be purchased through The Local.


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