ECOM Africa to Tackle Cybercrime After Soaring Levels Rock Southern Africa

Over the last two years, South Africa has recorded one of the biggest spikes in cybercrime globally. This increase has thrust the country into being the sixth highest country to be impacted by digital crime. With continued growth in the digital space, as well as the knock-on effects of COVID-19, cybercrime is impacting the country more than ever before.

A shocking 97 people per hour fell victim to cybercrime in 2021, with phishing topping the list of the biggest threats to online security. While personal cybercrime stats trump the number of attacks on businesses, corporate brands are not immune to online attacks.  

In fact, in recent years, TransUnion South Africa made headlines when it suffered a large-scale cyber-attack. 54 million records of personal data were stolen in a data breach that sent the company reeling. Personally identifiable information (PII) including ID numbers, employment information, email addresses and even passport numbers, was stolen by hackers.

And this is just one example of companies being impacted by digital attacks. Over the last three years, corporate companies have become increasingly vulnerable to online crime. With COVID-19 forcing employees to work remotely, critical company data has become more accessible. Penetration points into the company have increased significantly as communication and access points become more remote.

Businesses around South Africa and further abroad have had to remain vigilant and be on the lookout for technology to protect themselves against the attacks. However, with the constant evolution of attacks, many have expressed frustration in not being able to keep up with what is needed.

With over 2500 delegates and 60 speakers, ECOM Africa 2023 is the ideal platform for these solution providers to connect with the top South African brands. The event brings together heads of security, online and e-commerce to discuss and unpack answers for their individual brands.

Industry leaders like Worldpay, Zoho Corporation, Business Connexion, GFK, LOR Technologies, Neptek, Bob Group and Vectra have been booked for the event and will be showcasing solutions and discussing cybersecurity alternatives to protect organisations as well as new technologies enabling successful digital commerce. Also on the agenda is an interactive and highly practical panel discussion where panellists David Adaramola, the Group CISO and Founder of Young CISO Network, Nigeria and Grant Hughes, Principal Security Architect, Engen discuss “Prioritising Security Issues In E-Commerce Which Can Undermine Online Retail Firms”.

Sponsors have repeatedly chosen ECOM Africa because of the calibre of its attendees, the networking opportunities, and the benefits of exhibiting on the expo floor. The event also offers a conference area for detailed, customised sharing of case studies and analysis of past client interactions.

Running on 18-19 April 2023, at the CTICC in Cape Town, the event will enable information sharing and business development for cybersecurity companies globally.


ABOUT ECOM Africa 2023

ECOM Africa explores the future of commerce with a community of experts and practitioners in retail and e-commerce, fintech and payments, cybersecurity, fulfilment and logistics, and the future of marketing.

To read more about the event, or to book your space on the buzzing expo floor, visit https://ecommerce-africa.com or contact our sponsorship department for further details.

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