Greenworks innovative battery-operated driven products to hit SA soon

Greenworks, battery driven garden and DIY equipment, is launching in South Africa this September. Established in 2006, Greenworks is a rapidly growing brand offering a wide range of cordless garden and power tools worldwide.

“Greenworks products are designed to make garden and home chores simpler and easier, with one battery that fits all your tools, zero fumes and no maintenance just clean, strong battery power”, says Chase Weir, South African Country Manager.

In a world where more and more companies are turning to renewable energy, Greenworks is leading the pack. Greenworks products are designed for modern thinking people who really love gardening and DIY and want smarter, greener, and cleaner solutions.

The demand for global battery-operated equipment is growing rapidly in South Africa, especially in a market saturated with electrical and petrol products. Not only does GreenworksÒ prioritise environmental impact and running costs, the brand has also endeavoured to keep their products affordable for the South-African consumer.

Greenworks cordless equipment, allows you to get creative as far away from a plug socket as you wish. For the professional and day-to-day DIY-er alike, Greenworks offers a wide range of 24 or 40 volt, lightweight power tools. There is one battery that fits the entire product line making storing and transporting that much easier.

Greenworks products will soon be available for purchase on Takealot and at selected retailers nationwide.


Greenworks is the innovation driven brand for modern thinking people who really love gardening and DIY. For people who want smarter, simpler, greener, and cleaner solutions then Greenworks can solve all your needs. For more go to: www.greenworkstools.com/

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