New BE YOU Toothpaste, try it – taste it – love it

Swiss oral care company Curaprox launches BE YOU toothpaste. Experience oral freshness and beauty like you have never experienced before!  BE YOU comes in six sophisticated flavours, while at the same time whitening your smile, protecting your teeth and freshening your breath. An all-in-one oral health solution – That’s [BE YOU.]

There’s a flavour for everyone and every mood!

Rising Star is an “up and at ‘em” combination of juicy grapefruit and revitalising bergamot, with peppermint and menthol to guarantee freshness almost all day long.

Pure happiness mixes subtle peach and apricot notes with a cool zap of peppermint, spearmint and menthol.

Candy lover combines sweet watermelon with an explosion of icy menthol.

Challenger is a wonderfully dry mixture of sweet persimmon and a touch of juniper.

In Daydreamer, tangy-sweet blackberry meets the zip of liquorice and menthol for long-lasting freshness.

Finally, in Explorer there’s a toothpaste for adventurers: juicy aloe and fresh green apple with highlights of peppermint and menthol. A uniquely refreshing brushing experience.

On top of these flavour experiences, Be You also promises instantaneous whitening through a gentle and natural double-whitening effect: enzymatic whitening and optical whitening. (The first whitens discoloured or stained teeth, while stimulating the production of the body’s own healthy oral flora; the second uses a compound called Prestige Sparkling Blue, which reflects blue light. The visual perception of the customer is an instantaneous whitening of the teeth.)

And that’s not all … Be You contains fast-acting fluoride to prevent cavities, and much more, such as hydroxylapatite to remineralise your teeth, seal open dentine channels and reduce pain sensitivity. Then there’s provitamin B5 for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Power beads offer extra long-lasting freshness, and health-promoting herbal extracts like Echinacea.

All this goodness without the harm – there’s no SLS, no triclosan and no micro plastic in Be You toothpastes.

You’re different from everyone around you, so why should your toothpaste fit the mould? Next time, choose one that is not only good for you but also comes in a flavour you enjoy. You will love brushing your teeth and will brush for longer. And the more brushing you do, the better for your oral health.

Of course, a toothpaste that protects against decay, provides lasting fresh breath, helps protect against tooth sensitivity and strengthens your enamel, supports the flow of saliva, prevents the appearance of aphthae ulcers, minimises plaque AND gives you a choice of great flavours is not going to come cheap. But at R249,99 recommended sale price, you get a great deal of value.

Ask your dental practitioner about Curaprox’s Be You toothpaste, or shop online at and Takealot.

 Try it – taste it – love it.


CURAPROX BE YOU is distributed in South Africa by Prime Dental. Prime Dental is a dental supplies business that has been in operation since 1997. A wide variety of dental materials and consumables are supplied, but the primary focus from a product perspective is on oral hygiene brands. These are distributed primarily through dental practices, independent pharmacies and online. Prime Dental has been importing the Swiss-manufactured Curaprox range into South Africa for more than 10 years.

Greenworks innovative battery-operated driven products to hit SA soon

Greenworks, battery driven garden and DIY equipment, is launching in South Africa this September. Established in 2006, Greenworks is a rapidly growing brand offering a wide range of cordless garden and power tools worldwide.

“Greenworks products are designed to make garden and home chores simpler and easier, with one battery that fits all your tools, zero fumes and no maintenance just clean, strong battery power”, says Chase Weir, South African Country Manager.

In a world where more and more companies are turning to renewable energy, Greenworks is leading the pack. Greenworks products are designed for modern thinking people who really love gardening and DIY and want smarter, greener, and cleaner solutions.

The demand for global battery-operated equipment is growing rapidly in South Africa, especially in a market saturated with electrical and petrol products. Not only does GreenworksÒ prioritise environmental impact and running costs, the brand has also endeavoured to keep their products affordable for the South-African consumer.

Greenworks cordless equipment, allows you to get creative as far away from a plug socket as you wish. For the professional and day-to-day DIY-er alike, Greenworks offers a wide range of 24 or 40 volt, lightweight power tools. There is one battery that fits the entire product line making storing and transporting that much easier.

Greenworks products will soon be available for purchase on Takealot and at selected retailers nationwide.


Greenworks is the innovation driven brand for modern thinking people who really love gardening and DIY. For people who want smarter, simpler, greener, and cleaner solutions then Greenworks can solve all your needs. For more go to:

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Life after Bitcoin

By Richard Beddow, Founder and CEO of ClickFX.

You probably noticed the shift during the second half of 2017. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies went from something you vaguely knew about and planned to read up on real soon, to the main topic of conversation at dinner parties. Since then the crypto fanboys have quietened down just a touch with the Bitcoin price hovering around the R85 000 mark, down from the heady heights of more than R300 000 in December 2017.

There has been a massive correction in the market, and today anyone still investing in cryptocurrencies is doing it for its underlying future application rather than as a blind get-rich-quick punt. Now, investors are taking the time to understand the real-world application of the cryptocurrency and betting on its future.

In our view, the Bitcoin bubble was driven by investor hype, and now that things are normalising, the real-world value of the underlying technology (blockchain) will emerge in a range of new-age tech products such as Storj (storage), brave (browser), steemit (social) and status (messaging). In years to come, blockchain will be integrated into so many things we do that we won’t even know it’s there. In the same way that the Internet didn’t disappear after the Dotcom crash, it just got embedded more deeply into our lives, a similar thing will happen with blockchain.

Adaptations of blockchain will improve different processes and systems that we use every day. For example, in cross-border payments today money moves from A to Z via a complex, slow and expensive correspondent-banking network (Swift), which has hardly changed since 1973. Blockchain technology could revolutionise this by making transfers faster, safer and cheaper. Another area where blockchain has significant appeal, and where some early pilots are already being run, is in property. Last year Georgia became the first government to use blockchain to validate property transactions. Again, it’s quicker, cheaper and more secure.

Of course people have made money from the Bitcoin boom, but by the time the masses were getting involved – just as the market downturn happened, the “whales” had cashed in and moved on. One particularly clever and totally legal move we saw happening is called “roundtripping”. South Africans were using their offshore investment allowance (up to R 1 million a year) to buy cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum on offshore exchanges. They’d then transfer the cryptocurrency back to a South African exchange and gain up to 20% on the price difference between the exchanges.

Essentially, they were trading cryptocurrencies as an equity, benefiting from the price difference between the two exchanges as well as a probable upturn in the value of the cryptocurrency during the transfer process. They’d sell their cryptocurrency locally and repeat the process until they had exhausted their R1 million annual allowance. The only real trick was to ensure their forex transactions were as fast as possible — delays added risk to the transaction as the market was so volatile. And of course, like any arbitrage situation, the more people who climb on board, the quicker the window closes.

So, now that the dust has settled on the Bitcoin rollercoaster, keep an eye out for agile disruptors using blockchain to take on the likes of Chrome, Dropbox, Skype, SWIFT, etc. Exciting times ahead…

So what’s next for South African investors? They will no doubt continue to look for opportunities to use their foreign exchange allowance to grow their wealth, so here is a quick overview of the rules.

Forex and South Africans:

1. Every South African Resident over 18 has a Single Discretionary Allowance of R 1 million per calendar year. You don’t need a tax clearance certificate and the money can be used for investment purposes.

2. Additionally, there is a Foreign Investment Allowance of up to a further R 10 million, but for this, you need a specific tax clearance certificate from SARS.

3. Over and above this R10m allowance, one can apply for a Certificate of Compliance from SARS. This is a fairly lengthy process, but there is effectively no limit to the amount that can be transferred offshore under this arrangement.

Detonator Media Group partners with Brandnew IO

Sub-Saharan Africa – Detonator Media Group, a leading consultancy in the media and marketing space, has partnered with influencer marketing technology platform Brandnew IO

Born out of digital thinking: Positioning brands in the digital world

Detonator Media Group helps connect their brands with the most relevant and influential audiences by focusing on KPI’s – such as value, engagement, reach and impact – to achieve the brands’ objectives. Since its inception in 2014, Detonator has worked in the gaming media, video, audio and streaming services, influencer technology and native content marketing space, to name a few. An innovation-based operation, the organisation sells platforms and audiences that are big overseas and that are scaling locally. With all these accolades under their belt, partnering with influencer platform, Brandnew IO, was their obvious next step.

A powerful partnership: the detonator for influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is now one of the fastest digital customer-acquisition methods. Due to the sheer power of peer-to-peer endorsements, precise targeting capabilities, more detailed tracking and access to affordable influencers promising high engagement – influencer marketing has become a fundamental element of marketing budgets, globally. A recent Adweek article boasts; “67% of marketers think influencer marketing campaigns helped them reach a more targeted audience, thus leading to more impactful results.”

In early 2018, the Detonator team identified Brandnew IO as the tech player to align themselves with, to roll out influencer campaigns with global best practice. Brandnew IO started as one of the first technology companies in the space in early 2013. Together, the two organisations can significantly enhance the way brands connect with their ideal audiences. “Detonator is proud to be partnering with Brandnew IO across sub-Saharan Africa. We are thrilled to have found this advanced, trusted and scalable global influencer technology partner and are excited to roll it out to service our influencer campaigns across all our clients,” says Garth Rhoda, Managing Partner, Detonator Media. Francis Trapp, Founder and CEO, Brandnew IO adds: “Detonator is one of the best agency partners I can think of in South Africa. Their contacts and expertise paired with Brandnew’s influencer marketing technology is an incredibly strong combination for brands.”

ABOUT Brandnew IO

Brandnew IO empowers marketers with the tools to discover, track and work with influential content creators across all major social media channels such as Instagram, YouTube, blogs, Snapchat and Facebook. The end-to-end platform saves marketers time by enabling them to use hard data to find the most relevant influencers and gain key insights. With Brandnew IO, marketers can effortlessly communicate with creators, coordinate campaigns through a centralised dashboard and measure success in real-time with live reporting features. Brandnew IO’s machine learning pricing algorithm uses years of historical data to add transparency to creator prices in different regions, social networks, and industries.

“Influencer technology is moving very fast and this platform is perfectly positioned to adapt and execute in our ever-changing landscape. We are confident the platform will perform for our clients,” concludes Rhoda.

DHL E-commerce MoneyAfrica conference set for Cape Town in March

The fourth DHL E-commerce MoneyAfrica conference, one of the continent’s largest e-commerce events, is set to take place at the Cape Town International Convention Centre from 14 to 15 March 2018.

Having grown by 45% since 2017, the show will bring together the regions’ top merchants, major retailers, brands, developers, designers and startups, business owners, directors and CEOs as well as managers involved in marketing, merchandising, customer service, operations and supply chain management.

Industry experts will host keynotes, panel discussions, technical demonstrations, networking opportunities, cocktail functions and an exhibition showcase.

Unlocking e-commerce potential

South African online sales recently surpassed the 1% mark of total retail sales. Whilst a milestone achievement, developed economies are proportionally further ahead, and South Africa and other African countries require exponential growth to catch up.

“The 1% problem is as much an intriguing opportunity as it is a daunting task, the potential for growth and rapid acceleration is real. Understanding where the acceleration opportunities lie not only from an online retail perspective, but in the payments, funding and fulfilment space is what MoneyAfrica 2018 is all about,” says Terry Southam, managing director of conference and exhibition company Kinetic.

Key themes

According to the event organisers, guests will be afforded networking opportunities to connect and collaborate with bright minds in the online marketplace. With over 400 companies attending and 82 international speakers, attendees will obtain key insights and strategic takeaways from thought leaders as well as acquire different perspectives on how to remain competitive in the space by implementing the latest technology available in e-commerce, payments and fintech.

Main themes this year include:

• Customer experience: Winning the CX war – supercharging customer service

• Digital commerce: From digital pretender to digital performer – raising your digital IQ

• Omni-commerce: Perfecting user experience and efficiency in e-commerce sales channels

• Defining the path to next-generation delivery and fulfilment and accelerating cross-border logistics

• Tapping into the mobile commerce revolution

• Disruptive payments innovation in e-commerce

• Envisioning the future of fintech in e-commerce

“The e-commerce landscape in Africa is evolving so fast that it’s almost impossible to keep up. I have found the E-commerce Africa conference and exhibition to be one of the best ways to be informed and meet those who are making major disruptive and innovative changes in all aspects of e-commerce,” says Chris Folayan, CEO, MallForAfrica.

SA Agency Captures World Record Breaking Circumnavigation

Scottish cyclist and adventurer, Mark Beaumont, recently broke the Guinness World Record for circumnavigation by bicycle in 78 days, 14 hours, and 40 minutes – an incredible feat captured and shared with the world by South African sports production agency, MoonSport. The record was previously held by New Zealander, Andrew Nicholson, who in 2015 managed the feat in 123 days.

When approached by the world-renowned cyclist to cover his 80 day circumnavigation, MoonSport couldn’t turn down the privilege and challenge of such a complex, global production. “Being part of a team that breaks a world record offers a sense of achievement like no other,” says Trent Key, MD, MoonSport. “Professional sportsmen don’t get to where they are easily and our team had to match that intense commitment.”

Mark Beaumont used the Artemis World Cycle as an opportunity to raise funds for Orkidstudio, a small charity dedicated to uplifting communities through innovative architecture and construction, such as the Sachibindu hospital in northern Zambia.

“As soon as I met Philip Key, CEO, and Trent Key, MD, of MoonSport Productions, I felt I’d met a media partner with the same amount of passion and vision as I have and I knew then that they would be able to bring my 80 day circumnavigation by bicycle alive.

Rather than talking about the ‘if’, the conversation was immediately about the ‘when’ and the ‘how’.

The focus was on creating a global social media journey, as well as a documentary that would reset history—if successful.” – Mark Beaumont.

MoonSport was tasked to find a crew that would work for 80 days non-stop, 16 hours a day, and in very challenging conditions. The team gathered footage for the documentary, and also gathered daily content for social media.

This included Mark’s website

run by 80 Days Digital, as well as the international

press (managed by PR company, Muckle Media). Moonsport was also responsible for the management of Mark’s social media pages including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Daily content included stills, daily previews, reviews, weekly wraps, and incident videos.

The team covered 16 countries: France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Mongolia, China, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada

Portugal and Spain. They travelled in two motorhomes and were the only two team members to stay with Mark for every single day of the race.

“As soon as we landed, I knew we were in for one hell of an adventure.” – Helmut Scherz, Cinematographer and Soundman

“One epic adventure that will never be forgotten. We are very proud to have made history with Mark and the team.” – Johnny Swanepoel, Content director, Photographer and Editor

Supported 24/7 by Emanuel Fereira back in the Cape Town, the team would get up at 3:30am every morning and film Mark’s morning preview, edit the material, and then send it through to base. Approvals for content were often only through Whatsapp with the UK management team.

Despite the fact that the team faced mental and physical fatigue, minimal resources, challenges with signal and communication, language barriers, losing a drone in Canada, and even having a vehicle collision in Australia, they got the job done.

“With the nature of such an extreme expedition, everyone involved worked under huge pressure, but with a solid media team on the road and back in Cape Town, we have successfully achieved what we set out to achieve, and MoonSport has captured this epic journey with wonderful and unique content,” adds Mark Beaumont.

To date, the campaign has generated a global reach of over 500 million (514,154,966) with social media content views exceeding 5 million, a number that is still rising! “This campaign has shown us that the impossible is actually quite possible, and that social media is a truly powerful tool if content is engaging, organic and interesting,” concludes Trent Key.

Africa’s Top Cyber Security Event hits Johannesburg this October

The 2nd Annual AfriSecure Cyber Security Summit, Africa’s most respected cyber security conference, will take place on the 18th & 19th of October at The Maslow Hotel in Sandton.

2017 has seen an increasing number of cybersecurity meltdowns breaches which have caused havoc for large organisations and individuals alike. Millions of rands have been lost, jobs put at risk, and confidential information leaked.

“In today’s world cyber security has become a very real threat and one that organisations can no longer ignore. The AfriSecure Summit is about building relationships and bringing to light the latest trends and technologies in the fight against cyber criminals,” says Shannon Mackrill, Joint Managing Director, Kinetic.

AfriSecure aims to connect senior executives responsible for protecting their companies’ critical infrastructures with innovative solution providers and renowned information security experts. “Delegates will gain knowledge through the sharing of ideas, information, and expand their general awareness concerning cyber crime and cyber threats,” says Advisory Panel Member: Danny Myburgh, Founder and Managing Director, Cyanre.

Lead Sponsor, Mimecast, will be hosting the Anatomy of an Email-borne attack on the second day of the summit. This session will address hot topics such as: Why and how the threat landscape is evolving; How your email can be used as an entry point in multiple types of attack; How to enhance your email security and thus improve your overall cyber resilience; as well as a Live Hack Demo.

With 55 speakers, 24 workshops and 350 registered attendees to date, AfriSecure will address the most critical cyber issues Africa is currently facing. The expert keynotes, workshop sessions, networking opportunities, and panel discussions will feature topics such as: application security, risk management, ransomware, disaster recovery, mobile security, social responsibility, and so many more.

The advisory panel members have been instrumental in assisting with the conceptualisation and crafting of the conference agenda. This year the panel includes: Julian Ramiah, Group Chief Information Security Officer, Liberty Holdings Limited; Jacques Lourens, Chief Information Security Officer, Nedbank; Thagraj Moodley, Group Chief Information Security Officer, Discovery; Abid Adam, Former Chief Information Security Officer for Old Mutual Emerging Markets; Vernon Fryer, Chief Information Security Officer, XON/NEC; and Danny Myburgh, Founder and Managing Director, Cyanre.

The objective of the summit is for delegates “to share knowledge and collaborate with industry leaders in creating a platform to enhance and continuously improve the discipline of information security,” Thagraj Moodley, Group Chief Information Security Officer, Discovery.

Speakers include Aki Anastaiou, Host of Technobyte on Radio 702 and Tech Busters on CNBC Africa; Francis Cronje, Data Protection, and Information Governance Specialist; Brigadier Piet Pieterse, Section Head Hawks; Marc Silver, Head of Operation Security, Investec and many more.

Lead Sponsor: Mimecast.

Platinum Sponsor: Arbor

Silver Sponsors: Commvault, J2 Software, Fortinet and Panda Security.

Official Research Partner: Forrester.

Three ways Spree is leading the way for customer experience in Africa

Sven Schoof, head of customer experience at Spree, unpacks three ways in which Spree is leading the way for CX in South Africa, and how important it is for brands to keep innovating to remain relevant.The current state of the customer experience industry sees a continuous evolution. There are a few lighthouse examples of offering great customer experiences in South Africa, but, at the same time, there is much room for improvement.Even though awareness around great customer experiences and the need to invest in customer-centricity is growing, too many companies still offer poor customer experiences.
1. Innovation and growth in the industry
In this digitally enhanced, always on and increasingly transparent world, brands that are not embracing customer centricity are likely to face an increasing amount of issues. If your company is not innovating and attempting to find ways to delight your customers, you can be assured that your competitors are. Ultimately, fostering long-term loyalty of your customer base is always highly profitable.From a retail perspective, it is primarily all about having a well-designed, high-performance, mobile-first online offering, showcasing relevant products at the right price points. And, as for any other business, offering a delightful customer experience needs to permeate every layer of the business – from the technology to the user interface, from the customer service to the courier handing over the parcel.
2. Transforming customer experience with technology
In order to transform our customer experience, we recently launched a highly innovative image search and similar style feature in the Spree shopping app. The visual search technology uses images uploaded by users as search queries instead of keywords.It then returns visually similar images by analysing the pixels inside the image instead of the image metadata (size, resolution, etc.) The order of the displayed images is based on the parameters; colour, pattern, and style silhouette – all of which have different weightings.Within the existing search functionality, the Spree app now offers a feature, which allows shoppers to take a photo or upload an image, which will return visually similar items in seconds. Finding similar styles while browsing is now also easier; shoppers can tap and hold any product image in a category, search results or product view and the feature will highlight items that are visually similar.It is imperative that we invest in this new technology. Within the past one to two years, Facebook, Google, Pinterest, and Amazon have all released image-based search or recommendations features.This clear global trend uses today’s technological advances in artificial intelligence (AI) to make life easier and more intuitive for customers – especially when using mobile devices; another global trend. As a mobile-first company that continuously tries to delight our customers, investing in this new technology made absolute sense to Spree.
3. Why it works
So far, we have received a lot of positive results. The ‘Similar Styles’ feature is gaining traction fast, as it is very easy and intuitive to use by merely tapping and holding on a product image. The increase in engagement is the most positive feedback we have, but it is still early days and we are very excited to see how our customers will be using our image search features in the near future.We anticipated high engagement for the ‘Similar Styles’ feature, and slightly less for the ‘Image Search’ feature, as this requires more interaction. This has so far proven to be spot on, but again, it is early days and we are still learning.Regarding the ‘Image Search’, we are pleased to see that the image quality used by our customers has been improving and that they are moving towards using social media images to find matching Spree products.
The future is of course hard to predict, but I can safely say that in my view, companies will continue to focus on getting the mobile customer experience right, as well as viewing customer-centricity as a holistic approach that requires the entire company to buy in to make it successful.There are quite a few brands that are leading the way for customer experience in South Africa. One of them is the online home and kitchen retailer, Yuppiechef, which stands out as a leader in creating delightful customer experiences and thereby gaining customer loyalty.I believe that we can inspire growth and innovation in the South African customer experience industry by leading by example. Singular companies that shine by innovating within the customer experience sphere will automatically drive others to follow suit. For more information, visit Alternatively, connect with them on Facebook, Twitter or on Instagram.