New BE YOU Toothpaste, try it – taste it – love it

Swiss oral care company Curaprox launches BE YOU toothpaste. Experience oral freshness and beauty like you have never experienced before!  BE YOU comes in six sophisticated flavours, while at the same time whitening your smile, protecting your teeth and freshening your breath. An all-in-one oral health solution – That’s [BE YOU.]

There’s a flavour for everyone and every mood!

Rising Star is an “up and at ‘em” combination of juicy grapefruit and revitalising bergamot, with peppermint and menthol to guarantee freshness almost all day long.

Pure happiness mixes subtle peach and apricot notes with a cool zap of peppermint, spearmint and menthol.

Candy lover combines sweet watermelon with an explosion of icy menthol.

Challenger is a wonderfully dry mixture of sweet persimmon and a touch of juniper.

In Daydreamer, tangy-sweet blackberry meets the zip of liquorice and menthol for long-lasting freshness.

Finally, in Explorer there’s a toothpaste for adventurers: juicy aloe and fresh green apple with highlights of peppermint and menthol. A uniquely refreshing brushing experience.

On top of these flavour experiences, Be You also promises instantaneous whitening through a gentle and natural double-whitening effect: enzymatic whitening and optical whitening. (The first whitens discoloured or stained teeth, while stimulating the production of the body’s own healthy oral flora; the second uses a compound called Prestige Sparkling Blue, which reflects blue light. The visual perception of the customer is an instantaneous whitening of the teeth.)

And that’s not all … Be You contains fast-acting fluoride to prevent cavities, and much more, such as hydroxylapatite to remineralise your teeth, seal open dentine channels and reduce pain sensitivity. Then there’s provitamin B5 for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Power beads offer extra long-lasting freshness, and health-promoting herbal extracts like Echinacea.

All this goodness without the harm – there’s no SLS, no triclosan and no micro plastic in Be You toothpastes.

You’re different from everyone around you, so why should your toothpaste fit the mould? Next time, choose one that is not only good for you but also comes in a flavour you enjoy. You will love brushing your teeth and will brush for longer. And the more brushing you do, the better for your oral health.

Of course, a toothpaste that protects against decay, provides lasting fresh breath, helps protect against tooth sensitivity and strengthens your enamel, supports the flow of saliva, prevents the appearance of aphthae ulcers, minimises plaque AND gives you a choice of great flavours is not going to come cheap. But at R249,99 recommended sale price, you get a great deal of value.

Ask your dental practitioner about Curaprox’s Be You toothpaste, or shop online at shop.curaprox.co.za and Takealot.

 Try it – taste it – love it.


CURAPROX BE YOU is distributed in South Africa by Prime Dental. Prime Dental is a dental supplies business that has been in operation since 1997. A wide variety of dental materials and consumables are supplied, but the primary focus from a product perspective is on oral hygiene brands. These are distributed primarily through dental practices, independent pharmacies and online. Prime Dental has been importing the Swiss-manufactured Curaprox range into South Africa for more than 10 years.

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