The Answer Series Launches Free Videos for Grade 12 Learners

Despite disruptions and reduced teaching time due to COVID-19, the grade 12 curriculum remains the same. So, what does this mean for schools and learners?

“Schools need to adapt to a dual delivery of in person and digital teaching, and learners need to take charge of their own learning process. Our goal is to help them do just that, with the launch of The Answer Series (TAS) free videos.

We have focused on term two content for matric students as so much is at stake for them – not just their final year of school; but also consequent opportunities for further studies or jobs next year.” says TAS CEO George Eadie.

The video courses are created by subject specialists – teachers and authors with years of experience – some of whom wrote TAS study guides. They cover 5 CAPS subjects: Physical Sciences/ Fisiese Wetenskappe (in Afrikaans and English), Mathematics, Mathematical Literacy, Life Sciences and Economics (in English only). 

Eadie explains, “By systematically making their way through the videos, a learner can begin to realise that they are capable of making big gains on their own. This realisation can have a life-changing impact extending far beyond the work and into all aspects of their life.”

The free video courses are available on the TAS website and work well in conjunction with the TAS study guides, as references are made to worked examples and practice exercises. “Think of them as the basecamp for important work in the curriculum – each one is a 10-minute, high impact way to master your work,” adds Eadie.

This new product from TAS will also provide support to teachers, who are under severe pressure to catch up on time missed. The videos offer a quick and effective way to fill gaps for some of the traditionally toughest subjects.

“More and more, teaching is improved when learners move through the foundations of a topic on their own and at their pace; and then come to class for the in-person troubleshooting. It’s called flip the classroom and we hope to see teachers and learners adopting this approach with the videos,” comments Eadie.

As part of their ethos to continue to improve their products and support for learners, the team at TAS look forward to feedback on the videos, and feel they are a positive step towards a closer relationship with customers to continuously improve.  

In closing, Eadie sums up the initiative by saying, “We believe that these videos can help learners get back on track to pursue their studies and achieve their goals; they can be used to jump-start a new session, as a daily 10-minute focused consolidation of a completed section or as a pre-study flashback/ overview”.

For more information, please watch the TAS teaser video for this new product, visit the website, head to the blog, follow them on Facebook, call (021)671-0837 or email info@theanswerseries.co.za.

About The Answer Series:

In 1975, Anne Eadie, a brilliant young maths teacher, poured all of her knowledge into the very first Answer Series study guide. 

Since then, The Answer Series has continued to create up-to-date, comprehensive study guides and now covers all major subjects from Grade 8 to 12. They are written and frequently updated by teachers, examiners and subject specialists. Each of The Answer Series study guides includes stimulating exercises and easy-to-understand explanatory notes and can be used either independently by learners, or by teachers in the classroom.

The Answer Series is still a family owned company and each book shows the same love and dedication, but more importantly, logic and reasoning, as the first.

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