RUN 67 Minutes for Madiba with JEFF

Do your bit this Mandela Day, and join thousands of South Africans on a 67 minute morning run to help feed those less fortunate.

On Family Day, 13th April 2020, an audience of approximately 17,000 people took part in South Africa’s biggest online workout. Now the popular Facebook community behind the live event is planning to go one better.

With restrictions on people gathering in groups, and all large physical events cancelled for the foreseeable future, JEFF Fitness has again heeded the call for a virtual event that can bring people together to challenge themselves, while also making a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable in our country. 

18 July 2020 is Mandela Day. A day on which every South African is asked to give 67 minutes to celebrate Nelson Mandela’s life and legacy by taking action against poverty. And so the JEFF Breakfast Run was born. It takes place in the gardens, roads, parks and mountains wherever you are, from 8am.

Founder, Johno Meintjes explains:

“JEFF has grown an online community on the basis of phenomenal results achieved through connection, in spite of not being able to physically train together. The JEFF Breakfast Run takes the same concept outside. This is 67 minutes for your own wellness, knowing that thousands of others are right there with you. But more importantly, it’s 67 minutes to actively support the people of our country, knowing that millions of others are doing the same in the name of Nelson Mandela’s legacy.”

Indeed, JEFF Together began in the first week of lockdown, and today has more than 43,000 Facebook members. They now offer more than 25 free live workouts per week, and offer a number of additional benefits in the form of a Membership for only R200 per month.

Registration for the JEFF Breakfast Run is free, but everyone in a position to do so is asked to make a donation of R50. This goes straight to JAM SA, and will feed a child breakfast for a month. JAM SA has expanded its program to reach 3000 early childhood development centres across the country. They cannot continue to fund their incredible work without financial assistance, so those that are willing and able to are more than welcome to donate more.

Thereafter, you just need to be laced up and ready to run by 8am on the 18th July. Johno Meintjes will be broadcasting live before, during and after the run, thereafter a live breakfast cook-along with the legendary, Ivor Jones, Co-owner and chef at Chefs Warehouse Beau Constantia. This full morning of activity ends with R50,000 worth of prizes from Adidas and Garmin to be given away in some very creative categories.

Big corporates and small businesses alike are encouraged to challenge each other, to sign up their employees, and to be a part of this truly first of its kind event.   

Website address to register for the Run: https://www.jeff.fitness/fitness-programs/run/

JEFF together Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/jefftogether/


More about JEFF:

JEFF Fitness offers Live Daily Workouts to over 43 000 people on their Facebook Group called JEFF Together. They also provide personalised one-on-one coaching to clients which includes tailored nutrition plans, daily coach support, an expert-designed exercise program and monthly health and progress assessments. Visit https://www.jeff.fitness

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