TAPTAP Digital, global leaders in location intelligence marketing, gains traction in the SA and African markets

Founded in 2010, TAPTAP is a global Demand Side Platform (DSP) /Data Management Platform (DMP) underpinned by location intelligence technology with access to premium, brand-safe global and local inventory. It trades in over 85 countries, with 300 brands in every major agency group. TAPTAP provides global tech with local expertise to efficiently connect brands to their audiences.

Africa Media Alliance launched TAPTAP in South Africa in 2019, as their Sub-Saharan Africa venture partner, offering access to audiences in 36 countries across the African continent.

“Using TAPTAP’s proprietary technology stack, we can leverage location & artificial intelligence to empower advanced audience segmentation and profiling, dynamic advertising activation and offline/online ad and footfall attribution. Our fully managed or programmatic self-service offering guarantees location by drawing on up to 10 signal sources to qualify location,” explains AMA Commercial Director, Andrew Gillett.

With consumer habits and digital behaviours having fundamentally changed due to COVID19, TAPTAP’s use of multidimensional fresh data to build custom audience segments via its Sonata platform helps brands better communicate with the new consumer. Sonata audience profiling combines real-time location, digital and physical behaviour, campaign affinity and intent signals to build a unique identifier called the Sonata ID. As TAPTAP prioritizes user privacy and adheres to the strictest interpretation of GDPR regulations, all data in the platform is consensual and anonymous

Our audiences are mapped against a DMP with first and third-party data as well as IAB audience buckets. It is also enriched by several data partners in the Sonata platform. This allows TAPTAP to offer granular audience targeting, with behavioural, intent and affinity signals across global and local premium inventory.

“This means we can activate contextually relevant audiences through omnichannel buying across the digital ecosystem as well as OOH and programmatic DOOH coming in Q3,” continues Gillett.

Over 50 brands in South Africa are already using TAPTAP, connecting to the full premium inventory ecosystem using a unique variety of the custom Tap2 creative ad units such as Tap2Map, Tap2Web, Tap2Form, Tap2Calendar. There are more than 23 ad units available covering display, video, audio and native ads for desktop and mobile. In addition, the Sonata platform features dynamic creative optimisation.

“Our technology ecosystem helps global brands reach the right audiences in the right time and place for measurable and objective results. We are thrilled to see significant market adoption less than a year into our partnership with AMA and look forward to the future,” says Alvaro Mayol, CPO/CTO & Partner of TAPTAP Digital.


About TAPTAP and Africa Media Alliance

TAPTAP Digital is a global advertising technology company with presence in Europe, Africa, North America and South America. Through its proprietary platform, Sonata, TAPTAP leverages geospatial technology and artificial intelligence for multidimensional audience planning, omnichannel media activation and advanced online and offline measurement.  TAPTAP drives transparent, objective and tangible results for global brands and agencies in more than 85 countries.

Africa Media Alliance (AMA) connects global media brands to the potential of Africa.  With more than 20 years of multi-channel marketing experience and local expertise, Africa Media Alliance brings world-class location intelligence technology as TAPTAP’s Sub-Saharan Africa commercial partner.

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